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Participative Democracy Working Group aims to create a worldwide network of XR groups in order for them to efficiently implement Citizens’/People’s Assemblies. It will spread practices and nurture the growth of deliberative participatory democracy globally.

Participative Democracy creates an exchange platform of moral and practical support, multi-lingual interactive training, resources, research and collaborative, remote working amongst national and regional XR groups across the spectrum of the Majority and Minority Worlds. PartDem shall act as a forum for reciprocal giving and receiving of advice, experiences and ideas on participative democracy of all hues-including the benchmark standards of CAs.


The Strategy

Phase 1 :  Organization

PartDem members gather in WP1 information on how XR chapters around the world have gone through the process of organizing CA/PA, obtaining contact names, familiarising with their resources or needs to get started.

We have already begun to network in order to grasp what is happening internationally in WP2.

The newsletter- WP3-collects examples of alternative, deliberative participatory democratic processes that have happened and are happening and share it worldwide


We share resources in WP4 within and outside PartDem.

We train others and ourselves by collecting and sharing training from all XR chapters in WP 5.

We actively participate in international initiatives in WP6.

We understand what worked and did not work on current CAs implemented around the world in the WP7 research.

Phase 2 Implementation

PartDem facilitates the co-creation of local grassroots’ deliberative participatory democracy process using People’s Assemblies (PA). PartDem supports the choice of the most appropriate PA design and digital tools that would efficiently empower local communities to take decisions anywhere in the world.

This process will help communities to engage in proactive listening, to develop a voice, and from there, to self-organise and innovate. Ultimately, these assemblies will reclaim political power from the bottom-up.

To give more legitimacy and increase the number of people participating in the PAs, it is important at this stage to network and collaborate with existing community groups and organisations, companies, civil society organisations, local charities, community and religious leaders, councillors, city officials, local academics and so on.

In this phase PartDem could also reach out for support from other movements and activist groups within human and civil rights,  such as those involved in preventing military conflicts, preventing and halting human exploitation, reducing inequality and corruption, those striving for women rights, animal rights, climate movements, etc.

Phase 3 International Expansion

PartDem supports the expansion of deliberative participatory democracy processes from local to regional, national and finally global, in a worldwide coordinated network of grassroots’ people’s assemblies.


This process will also put pressure on some governments, in particular in Europe, to deliver properly organized national citizens assemblies.

Phase 4 International Support and Media

PartDem records the PAs results and support a robust media and messaging process to ensure people’s voices are heard all around the world. The solutions proposed by these local grassroots communities to the most daring problems faced by humanity today will link people worldwide with the collective empowerment for a healthier planetary existence.


Startup Info on PA/CAs

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