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Peoples Assembly Marathon
During the week 20th to 26th November 2020 you were invited to organize a Peoples Assembly in your country - minimum of 4 participants - on social and climate justice. The deadline was extended untill December 1st.
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Cop26 failed us, we will not fail the planet!

We the People gather together at a worldwide Peoples Assembly!

We take decisions to halt climate change and biodiversity loss affecting our lives today and in the future!

We send a message to the United Nations: people from all walks of life can take good decisions and propose viable solutions to current problems facing humanity, avoid social and environmental catastrophe and ensure climate justice.

Outcome so far:
A total of 21 countries were registered to the PAThon COP26.
Thank you for participating to the trainings and organizing PAs in your own country.
We people from all walks of life are in action to change the world for better.
PAThon COP26: Documents on how to organize a Peoples Assembly (PA) in your country

Video: PA Graphic Script training English - 15min

Video: PA Graphic Script training Spanish - 45min

Other Supporting Documents

For questions and more information:

Instructions: Welcome to the PAThon COP26!

Action concluded.

1. Register to the PAThon COP26

2. Use the PA Graphic  Script to organize your Peoples Assembly between 20th and 26th November 2020 (in your local language or in English) - minimum of 4 participants

3. The video above explains how to use the PA Graphic Script.

4. The Harvest Document should be used to collect all the notes and main discussion points during the breakout rooms (small group discussions) via Zoom or in person.

5. Please send your PA outcomes/result, the Harvest document, to

(Please send  the original document in your local language and a translation to English)

-We will send the PAs outcomes  (anonymously) to the United Nations as well as launch a media campaign.

-This is also about modelling the PA process, so you can see how it works and think about how PAs might be used in your own local group, communities or towns or at a national level.

6. Below there is a choice of videos you may wish present during your PA or you may find new ones related to the PAThon COP26 discussion question bellow.

Discussion Question to all Peoples Assemblies (PAs):

How should my town or country tackle environmental degradation, biodiversity loss and the climate crisis in a fair and socially just way?

 If you already know the date and time of your PA and need a Zoom link, please contact ASAP

What is COP26?

Countries around the world have been meeting for 26 years at United Nations Climate Change Conference COP26.


So far they were unable to address the climate and ecological crisis, which is now upon us, including the 6th mass species extinction.


Climate change has already caused catastrophe for millions fighting for their lives and livelihoods across the world. They’re under attack by droughts floods, wildfires, typhoons and cyclones and global pollution. Societal collapse and mass death are seen as inevitable by scientists and other credible voices, with human extinction also a possibility, if rapid action is not taken.

What is a PA?

Peoplles Assembly (PA) is a way to generate ideas, deliberate and make decisions collectively, and through the wisdom of the crowds achieve powerful intelligence about the core issues being discussed.

 It is also a way to bring democracy to everyday life decisions.

Videos and information related to the subject and question for discussion during the PAs are below (you may present one of the videos or find another video of your choice or give this website address to participants so they can inform themselves about social and climate justice beforehand):

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